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Downtown Neighbors: Hundredth Monkey

Hundredth Monkey-Rebecca KildeHundredth Monkey
Written for Dunn County News, August 19, 2014

Rebecca Kilde has a very creative background and is full of ideas that she wanted to share with a community she loves.

After exploring a number of different “maker spaces” around the country, including Leonardo’s Basement in Minneapolis, she looked for a vacant store front and found the perfect location at 129 Main Street to open The Hundredth Monkey Maker Space. In addition to a great space for the whole community to use, its location right across from the UW-Stout campus filled with engineering and art students is an added bonus. (more…)

Downtown Neighbors: The Store

Written for Dunn County News May 11, 2014

Sandy Gilbert grew up in Duluth and after double majoring in college, she joined the corporate world for years while traveling globally. At times, she helped businesses set up computer systems and small companies grow larger.

When it came time to retire, she found Spring Valley to be the perfect place to settle down and enjoy a life of being home every night. She even purchased an Arabian mare and challenged Patrick Swayze’s Arabian for a world championship title. (more…)

Downtown Neighbors: Celebrating 2013


Celebrating 2013
Written for Dunn County News  March 9, 2014

More than 40 people gathered at The Abbey Pub & Grub on Main Street to join in Main Street of Menomonie’s annual meeting on Feb. 27. Sponsored by The Abbey and Legacy Chocolates, the meeting celebrated successes and awards for 2013 and announced goals and upcoming events for 2014.

Board President Lauren Evans of Wisconsin Industrial Sand Company, led the meeting along with myself and Kristi Krimpelbein of UW-Stout, 2013 board president. As always, following the introduction of board members, several deserving individuals were recognized with special awards. (more…)

Downtown Neighbors: The Flame Sports Bar

Sparking The Flame

Written for Dunn County News January 15, 2014

Twenty-five years of owning a small business is something worth celebrating. That’s certainly the case for The Flame Sports Bar.

Owner Ron Fox came to Menomonie as a University of Wisconsin-Stout men’s basketball team recruit in 1974. As a proud member of the Blue Devil’s ‘74-’75 championship team, he still follows the team today — noting that current head coach, Ed Andrist, was a student assistant coach when Fox played.

As a UW-Stout student, Fox also worked as a bartender at The Flame in downtown Menomonie. After college, he worked at a few different businesses around Menomonie, but still kept in touch with the owner of The Flame. When the bar was available for sale in 1989, Fox, along with three other partners, purchased the bar. (more…)

Downtown Neighbors: Triangle Art & Antiques

Every Piece has a Story

Written for Dunn County news December 11, 2013

Shaped like a triangle, the building at the intersection of Crescent and Main Streets has long played a role in Menomonie’s historic downtown. During most of the 20th century, 335 Main St. was home to a monument company whose headstones still dot local cemeteries. Today the building continues its service to the preservation of memories, as the home of Triangle Art & Antiques.

Operated by Joan Navarre and Nancy Moen, the circa 1906 brick building provides an intimate and inviting space for modern day treasure seekers. (more…)

Downtown Neighbors: 400 Main Street

Talk of the Town

Written for Dunn County News November 13, 2013

It is the buzz of the town: “What is happening to the old Milavitz Eye Clinic?” With a location so visible at one of the busiest intersections in Menomonie, the renovations at 400 Main Street are the talk of the town.

Last December Bob and Heidi Grundvig crossed a goal off their list when they purchased a historic building in downtown Menomonie and began work on renovating it. The community began to take notice when the façade of the store front was torn off in late September. Plans are to replace the old 1970s-style façade with historically accurate large pane windows. (more…)

Downtown Neighbors – Card Sharks

Childhood Dreams on Main Street

Written for Dunn County News October 16, 2013

A boyhood dream came true on Main Street this summer.
Levi Nelson, a Menomonie native, is living his dreams of owning a small business incorporated with his love of trading cards.
Card Sharks, a sports trading cards store is located at 313 Main Street, a former radio station.  Together with co-owner Patrick Gale, Levi opened the shop on June 22nd.   (more…)

Downtown Neighbors – Town & Country Antiques

Treasures for Everyone

Written for Dunn County News September 15, 2013

Linda Chase has enjoyed being around antiques all her life.  Her aunt has had an antique store in St Paul for many years and when Linda realized there was not an antique store in Downtown Menomonie she decided to follow her passion and open one.  Eleven years ago Town & Country Antiques was just 2,000 square feet but has now grown to over 5,000 square feet with 30 different dealers hailing from all over the region – Bay City, Hammond, Hudson and more.

Linda has learned to expect surprise from customers who bring in items or have her come out to their homes for an appraisal.  Often times they do not know what the value is and are either surprised or disappointed with her answer.  An antique is an item which is at least 100 years old; less than that and the correct term is “vintage”.  In addition to the store, in which each of the 30 different dealers take turns operating the desk each day, Linda also will meet with individuals with an estate or will do appraisals on any antique item an individual may have. (more…)

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